Sunday, October 2, 2016

Goddamn breathtaking; Melaka, 9/2016

This month marks: The fourth quarter of the year (insane). Lang's Universe Of Us came out early, so that's done with. Daniela, live. The end of the semester but not quite yet the beginning of finals. Coupled with lots of good music, good food, good company, I can already tell that October is going to be great. Brb, gotta go soak in every single bit of life's beauty.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

 A bit of a Merdeka post, while I'm at it.

I've just had the most ridiculously satisfying week, it's unbelievable. Not quite sure how to feel - overwhelmed by all this goodness around me, for sure. It's insane how we're arriving at week 8 already, though; this time, last sem, I was pretty sure I'd drive myself crazy with all the workload I left to the very last minute to do. Can't say I'm much better this sem - but i suppose i'm getting used to this terrible cycle of constantly putting things off and almost instantly regretting it. And to finish up: I know we're only 10 days into the month, and i'd very much like time to slow down because I haven't managed to grasp one bit of 2016 yet, but I cannot wait for October. It's going to bring great things.

This is the point i'll look back on - where I make the mistake of letting myself have expectations, which may or may never be met. But I have to put it down somewhere in words, I just can't contain my excitement. I think I can deal with that risk (I hope).  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Langkawi in July 

How is it September already, might I ask? I still feel like 2015, the year of magical moments and little miracles, had only just ended - yet here I am typing this, nearing the end of 2016. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but things never went downhill from last year; I was so wrong, because I was so confident that things were getting way too good to stay that way. I was wrong: things got better. I don't know how to wrap my head around all this. Not sure if you can tell, but I'm not actually used to things going well in my life. My best bet right now is probably to sit back and enjoy it all - take in all this greatness I'm experiencing, while I can.

No complaints, whatsoever.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Next time" happens to be right now. Today's agenda includes scrolling through my drafts from way back when; late-night thoughts that never made the final cut. Some, I remember so vividly how I felt as I typed them - others, I can't even recall what they were actually about: maybe a boy, maybe a bowl of mashed potatoes. On 8th July 2013, I wrote a fierce letter to myself with detailed instructions on how to live my life - shortly after, I went completely against it. And here I find myself, over 3 years down the road, back at the same crossroads, heartstrings tugging towards the path I have always so strongly advised myself against; but it feels easy, this time. It feels easy, it feels right.

But isn't that what we always allow ourselves to think, simply because we want to?
Kimberly: Why wouldn't you want this forever? I'd like for once to understand why you wouldn't want this always.
Dell: Cause "always" is scary. There's a finality to it.

Stumbled upon Comet on a list titled "5 Movies That Are Basically Poems" - accurately so, I wouldn't describe it any other way. Definitely going on my list of movies to re-watch, time and time again. In other news, I've been meaning to get on here the entire day, a tingling sensation in my bones, as if to signal an upcoming surge of thoughts that I'd need to type out - but now that I actually am, I can't find the words. Next time, perhaps.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

You ever look up at the night sky, at the gleaming full moon or glistening blanket of stars, and realization begins to dawn on how magnificent life can actually be? With a slow song playing in the background that you can't help but smile and sway to. Or maybe it's that feeling from laughing too hard, that you can't walk straight, or remember what was even funny.

As long as you're willing to look, everyday you'll see little things that prove how blessed you are. Some days I tend to forget to look, but when I do remember, like today, I pen down these feelings so that if I forget, tomorrow - perhaps this will remind me.

To always look, even if it feels like there's nothing to be found.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

It never fails to amaze me how time can be measured in countless ways, besides the good ol' hour, minute and second hands ticking away on my shelf. Through songs added to my playlist; weekend adventures passed; moments captured on camera; cravings fulfilled. Perhaps some day I'll tell you to your face that my favourite way of measuring time, is through days spent with you.

Note to my past self from circa one week ago: Not cool how you crammed five chapters of econs/three weeks of accounts lessons into a single day on my (our?) study schedule. I don't appreciate it one bit, pal.